Venue: the University of Leicester

Subject: 'Out of Our Minds. What Can We Offer Towards a Healthy World?'

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Venue: the University of Leicester


A recording of this Conference (CDs and a DVD of highlights) is now available from Chris Avis

The keynote speakers were:

Derek McAuley, Chief Officer of the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches.

He takes the view that "Unitarianism and Free Christianity, from its position on the boundary, can be a bridge between people of different faiths and none"

Keith Porteous Wood, executive director of the National Secular Society (NSS).

Keith has been described as "a radical activist in a business suit". He has raised the campaigning profile of the NSS both nationally and internationally. Keith has a great deal to contribute on "making connections" because he moves on a daily basis from intervening against the Christian Institute in the European Court of Human Rights to campaigning with them against measures restricting free speech.

Pippa Evans, comedian and co-founder of the Sunday Assemblies.

Pippa worked with us to develop a "Sunday Assembly" to conclude the 2014 Conference.

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Interview with the Reverend David Paterson

The editor of the University Times, the student newspaper of Trinity collge Dublin, interviews one of our Trustees, the Reverend David Paterson

A Reasonable Faith re-issued

David Boulton's original 'Sea of Faith' booklet,
'A Reasonable Faith: Introducing the Sea of Faith Network',
has been re-issued as a free e-book in PDF format.

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Sea of Faith London Conference 2013

“Secular Religion?”

Saturday 21st September 2013

Main Speakers were: Stephen Batchelor; Don Cupitt; Richard Holloway

4 DVD Video Recordings of this Conference are now available: 12 by PayPal, credit card or cheque (payable to Chris Avis, not Sea of Faith).

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Transcripts of all talks from this sell-out Conference

A personal view from Dinah Livingstone, our Sofia magazine editor (Christmas no.110); see her editorial

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Religious Education Council of England and Wales

As a registered religious education charity, the 'Sea of Faith Network UK' has a keen interest in the teaching of RE. The Network is a new member of the RE Council:

This link gives more detail:

Religious Education Council of England and Wales

Our own online resource for RE teachers and Leaders of Religion and Philosophy Clubs, Sea of Faith 'Solarity' Resources, can be found on the following link:

Solarity Learning Resources

Another excellent online resource for RE teachers, RE Online, can be found on the following link:

RE Online

Agenda for Faith re-issued

cover of Agenda For Faith

Stephen Mitchell's original 'Sea of Faith' book, Agenda for Faith, has been re-issued as a free e-book with a new introduction.

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SOF on Youtube

Take a look at our eclectic collection of on-line audio and video programmes. They mainly focus on the non-realist philosophy of Don Cupitt which informs the Sea of Faith (SoF) network. Some programmes, while not originating with SoF, or being directly about SoF, are relevant and throw some light on the philosophical and religious outlook of many members of the Sea of Faith network.

Anne Ashworth's new book.

“Not as the Crow Flies”

Journal and Selected Poems

SOF's latest publication is Not as the Crow Flies: Journal and Selected Poems by Anne Ashworth, which was launched at the SOF Conference in Leicester this year. The book can be ordered from bookshops, online or by post from:

Stephen Williams
157 Russell Road, Moseley,

The book is 7.95 postfree. With your order please enclose a cheque for 7.95 made out to 'Sea of Faith' or 'SOF'.

Dinah Livingstone's book is still available.

“Poetic Tales”

an essay in four chapters

If we regard God or gods and the whole supernatural realm as the rich product of the human imagination, what value can such 'poetic tales' still have for us, once we have discarded the supernatural? The surprising answer is as much as ever. Not only does everyone, atheist or otherwise, need some theology, without which so much of our history and culture remains baffling, but when taken and sifted with what Coleridge called poetic faith, those tales are found to contain treasures of wisdom.

Poetic Tales is subtitled 'Logosofia Down to Earth'. For more than twenty years Coleridge planned a huge work to be called Logosophia but never actually got round to it. This book is not, of course, the one Coleridge would have written. Although its scope has a dash of Coleridgean ambition, it is more a train of thought than a treatise, combining a defence of poetry, a natural theology (with nothing supernatural about it) and a quest for kindness. More...

Available now from the publisher KATABASIS. Download order form right now or get your copy at the conference!

Sofia - The Sea of Faith magazine

Read editorial and articles from the latest edition of Sofia magazine.

Sofia is the magazine of the Sea of Faith Network (UK) and is published quarterly. It is free to all members of the UK network but non-members can also subscribe to the magazine. Further details...

SOF Book

The new SOF book This Life on Earth, edited by Dinah Livingstone, was published at the SOF Conference in Leicester 2009 (21st-23rd July, 2009).

The book contains 176 pages with 38 contributors, 19 women and 19 men. It costs 9.50. Orders by post may be sent to:

Sea of Faith, 3 Belle Grove Place, Spital Tongues, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 4LH.

Please send a cheque for 11 (to include postage) made out to 'Sea of Faith'.

This Life on Earth is also available online from

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