SoF in different parts of the world

SoF in New Zealand

Please see the New Zealand web site. New Zealand publish their own newsletter and have a regular annual conference.

SoF in the USA or Canada

US residents may join SOF (UK). Rates are $68 for membership. Please make cheques payable in US dollars to John Klopacz, marked 'for SoFia', and send to:

John Klopacz
50 Samoset Street
San Francisco
CA 94110-5346

Tel: 415-647-3258

SoF in Australia

Please see the Australia web site, or contact SoFiA by email, or write to:

PO Box 2125
Wellington Point Q.4160

In France

We do not have any official representatives in France; however, there is a web site where some articles and papers are translated into French; the address is:
It is run by M. Gilles Castelnau; you may email him at
(replace 'AT' with @. This is an anti-spamming measure)

SoF in other countries

Members in other countries are of course very welcome! Please write to one of the above addresses or email SoF (UK) at Webmaster. Please remember to include your postal address.



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