A Sacred Place to Dwell

The Participatory Mind by Henryk Skolimowski. Reviewed by Lloyd Geering, SOF NZ Newsletter #15, March 1996

I am grateful to Aline Pengelly for drawing my attention to the author of these two books, who is Professor of Ecological Philosophy at the University of Lodz, Poland. The first book explores forms of spirituality consonant with the ecological age we are now entering. Out of a wide and an appreciative knowledge of the many cultural traditions of the world, he sets out to lead the reader to a new conception of divinity, a new conception of our responsibility as co-creators with the universe/evolution/God, a new understanding of ethics and an interpretation for our times of the vision of St. Francis. He does this by leading the reader into the spiritual implications of the ecological age we are entering and expounds what he calls ecological consciousness. This in turn will lead to new forms of spirituality. He is critical of the impersonal and mechanistic character of science, the inadequacies of which are now beginning to show up. He draws from other spiritual traditions as well as the Christian past. Most who share the concerns of the Sea of Faith Network will find his writing not only congenial but very much to the point.