"Solarity is creative living-by-dying" Don Cupitt

Solar Living

1. Life is a gift (with no giver) that is renewed every day, and true
religion is expressive, 'solar' living.

By faith, and without any qualification or restriction, I should let life well up in
me and pour itself out into symbolic expression through me. Thus I 'get myself
together': we become ourselves by expressing ourselves.

2. Solarity is creative living-by-dying.

In solar living I live by dying because I am passing away all the time. In my
symbolic expression I get myself together, but as I do so I must instantly pass
on and leave that self behind. I must not be attached to my own life, nor to my
own products, or expressed selves. My self, and all my loves, must be
continuously let go of and continuously renewed. Dying therefore no longer
has any terrors for me, because I have made a way of life out of it.

3. Solar living creates great joy and happiness

My symbolic expression may take various forms, as it pours out in my quest
for selfhood, in my loves or my work. In all these areas, continuous letting-go
and renewal creates joy, which on occasion rises and spills over into cosmic
happiness. This 'cosmic' happiness is the modern equivalent of the traditional
Summum Bonum, the 'chief end' of life.

4. Even the Supreme Good must be left behind at once

I, all my expressions, and even the Summum Bonum, the supreme Good
itself, are all of them transient. Eternal happiness may be great enough to
make one feel that one's whole life has been worthwhile, but it is utterly
transient. Let it go!

Source: Don Cupitt: The Religion of Ordinary Life