The Sea of Faith – Video & Audio Clips

An eclectic collection of on-line audio and video programmes mainly on the non-realist philosophy of Don Cupitt which underpins the Sea of Faith (SoF) network. Some programmes, while not originating with SoF, or being directly about SoF, are relevant and throw some light onto the philosophical and religious outlook of the Sea of Faith.

Don Cupitt on Non-Realism about God (15 mins – Audio)

From the Philosophy Bites website. If you do not listen to anything else, listen to this programme as it is a good introduction to the key elements in Cupitt's thinking.

Don Cupitt on Non-Realism about God

Don Cupitt on Jesus as Philosopher (17 mins – Audio)

From the Philosophy Bites website in which Cupitt, following the Jesus Seminar, interprets Jesus as a peripatetic, ethically radical, sage who made no claim to divinity or to being a redeemer.

Don Cupitt on Jesus as Philosopher

Don Cupitt Interview (120 mins)

Alan Macfarlane interviews theologian and writer Don Cupitt about his life and work and beliefs (Feb 2009). From Alan Macfarlane‘s website (Click this link.

Don Cupitt on the Religion of Life (8 mins)

An excerpt from Don Cupitt's presentation on 'A Theory of Religion' from the Jesus Seminar (Westar Institute) Meeting in 2003 in which he explains his notion of 'Life' as the new idiom for religious faith.

Big Questions: Christianity without God (16 mins)

Sea of Faith was featured on BBCs‘s The Big Questions in Jan 2011. The question was “Can you be a Christian but not believe in God?”. Sea of Faith members David Paterson and Dinah Livingstone tackle the question.

An Exerpt from 'The Sea of Faith' TV programme

The video of the whole Sea of Faith series is still available from the Sea of Faith Network. Here is an extract published on YouTube.

Exerpt on Schopenhauer from the Sea of Faith TV series

The God Problem (8 mins)

Excerpt from Nigel Leaves‘ presentation on 'The God Problem' from the Jesus Seminar (Westar Institute) meeting in 2005 in which he talks about the problem of how we conceptualise God in a post-modern age.


Good without God (5 mins – Video)

Greg Epstein, Humanist Chaplain at Harvard talks about what it means to be focused on living a good life without a religious faith.

Secular Humanism (11 mins – Audio)

In this Philosophy Bites programme Professor Richard Norman describes non-religious or secular Humanism. It provides a useful contrast with the 'radical religious Humanism' of Don Cupitt. Is it the same or are there important differences?

Secular Humanism
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