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This calendar lists events by SoF or other organisations where the focus is on exploring progressive or non-traditional approaches to religion and interfaith dialogue. Please email  the webmaster  if you would like to suggest other events that should be listed here.

SOF 'In Conversation' Global Group

Covid lockdown led to the widespread use of computer meeting software applications which had been developed for corporate virtual meetings.
The Sea of Faith Network adapted to virtual local, national and international virtual meetings using Zoom software.
Regular Zoom meetings that members and non-members can attend from home, have now become a regular feature of our programme of SOF meetings.

Here in the UK, a regular virtual Zoom meeting,'SOF In Conversation', has now become a regular feature in our meetings programme.
Wherever you are in the world (member or non-member) feel free to attend!

'In Conversation' Zoom session: 15 November 2023: 6.45pm

Dave Francis
Associate Adviser for Bath & North East Somerset SACRE
Deputy Chair of the Religious Education Council of England and Wales
Sea of Faith Network Trustee

will address the topic

The Sea of Faith and the Turin Shroud: True? Fake? Does it matter?

On the face of it, there are few mysteries in life that divide 'believers' and 'sceptics' so decisively as that of the true origin of the Shroud of Turin.
An ivory-coloured piece of linen kept in Turin Cathedral, measuring 4.5 metres long by 1.1 metres wide, contains the image of the body of a tortured and crucified man. But how old, exactly, is this piece of cloth? What caused the marks to be made on its surface? Is the appearance of the Shroud the result of a natural phenomenon, or the work of an artist? Or could it possibly be a kind of photograph of the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth? The arguments have raged back and forth, particularly since Carbon 14 dating was undertaken in 1988 and appeared to show a mediaeval origin for the linen. There are, however, good reasons for doubting the reliability of the procedures that were carried out. I?m going to outline some of the scientific, literary and historical analysis and theory about the Shroud that has taken place in recent times, and propose a 'Sea of Faith' type solution to the mystery that not only answers the question about the marks on the Shroud, but explains the origins of the Christian belief in the resurrection itself.

Topic: Sea of Faith ?In Conversation'
Time: Nov 15, 2023 18:45 London
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Meeting ID: 822 4258 6561

Sea Of Faith Local Groups

Alton Group

The Alton Group is part of the Hampshire Hub which runs local meetings jointly with 'pcn britain'.

See Hampshire Groups below.

Convenors: John & Valerie Stubbington
01730 825398

Members come from a wide area in Hampshire. Anyone interested in joining should ring the Stubbingtons.

Birmingham Group

Convenor: Stephen Williams
07875 574581

For more information, contact Stephen Williams

Cambridge Group

For details of future meetings, contact Andrew Brown

Contact details:

Revd Andrew Brown


Memorial Church (Unitarian)
Emmanuel Road
01223 576952
07950 184421


Croydon Group

'If you are reading this, maybe you are looking for an open-minded discussion group for friendly, unbiased people.

The 'Croydon' group brings together people from South London, Croydon and North Surrey.
Loosely affiliated to SOF, we have members from varied backgrounds and attitudes with regard to religion and life stances.

We like new members and anyone interested is welcome to join or to try us out. We normally meet monthly in each other's homes over tea/coffee, although twice a year we have a bring and share lunch.

The convener is Colin Edgerton. You can contact him at colin.edgerton@ntlworld.com or 01737 211028.

Hampshire Group - Hampshire Hub

The Hampshire Group - Hampshire runs local meetings jointly with 'pcn britain'. Click this link for full details of 'pcn britain' events

Convenor: Martin Godfrey

Location: Hampshire

Region: South East England

Phone: 023 8076 6312

Email: martin.godfrey@pcnbritain.org.uk

Leicester Group

The Leicester Group has decided to take a Sabbatical this year and possibly longer after a decade of successful meetings.

For more details, click on their blog below.

They will occasionally meet informally in an ad hoc way, so note their contact details for more information:

Convenor: Allan Hayes
Secretary: Janet Carpenter
Leicester Group blogmaster: Peter White

Contact details are found in the following blogsite:

Blogsite http://sofn-leicester.blogspot.com

Merseyside and North Wales Group

Contact: Penny Mawdsley 11 Banc y Chwarel, Bodfari, Denbigh, LL16 4DJ 01745 710464 penny.mawdsley@btinternet.com

North East England Group

Contact Bobbie for details:

Convenor: Bobbie Stevens Wright
59 Olympia gardens, Morpeth, NE61 1JQ
01670 519458

North West England Group

Future Meetings

The North West England Group is taking a Sabbatical until further notice.

Convenor: Ann Eggboro
32 Victoria Avenue, Grappenhall, Warrington, WA4 2PD


North London Group

Our next Sea of Faith North London Group meeting will be on Saturday morning 28 October 2023 at 11.00am.

Location: 61 Fordington Road, London N6 4TH

We will discuss issues arising from our July one day conference . Several of us were able to be there and the talks have now come out in the September issue of Sofia. I think they could lead to interesting discussion.

We should also have time to discuss the motions that came up at the AGM and, most importantly, the future of the SOF Network.

Please bring a contribution to the shared lunch (about 1.00pm) and we will provide wine and soft drinks.

Our host, Janet Seargeant, says "We would be delighted for anyone who doesn't normally come to the North London group but is in London on that day to join us.
I look forward to seeing you then.
Best Wishes

Convenor: Janet Seargeant
020 8883 8595

Chris Avis has produced DVDs of the whole of our last two London Conferences. For details on how to purchase, click on this link.

Convenor: Janet Seargeant
020 8883 8595

North Oxfordshire Group

Blogsite http://sofnorthoxon.blogspot.com

Norwich Group

Convenor: Carol Palfrey
Solar Vis, Happisburgh, Norwich, NR12 0QU
01692 650442

Oxford Group

The Sea of Faith in Oxford usually met at the Friends Meeting House 43 St Giles. The Group is currently taking a Sabbatical.

Blogsite http://sofn-oxford.blogspot.com

Suffolk Group

News Contact: Helena Woddis

Convenor: Charlotte Stewart
01473 328039

Further details from Charlotte Stewart:

Wessex Group, Bath

If you are interested in joining the Wessex Group please contact:

Convenor: Nicola Bennetts on bennettsupton@gmail.com

Yorkshire Group

The address is the Heart Centre, Bennett Road, Headingley, Leeds LS6 3HN (in the Granby Room, ground floor usually - but check in Reception on the day).
The Heart Centre is a very pleasant venue with its own very good cafe.

Contact: Carol Sherrard
1 Carnoustie Grove, Bingley BD16 1QF
01274 560283; Mob & Text 07810 682266


Blogsite http://sofn-yorks.blogspot.com

Other Events (non-SOFN)

Progressive Christianity Network Britain

An interesting programme of events

Free To Believe

Another interesting programme of events

Nontheist Quakers

Another interesting programme of events. The Nontheist Quakers are 'Sea of Faith' fellow-travellers and there is a considerable overlap of members.

Humanists UK

Another interesting programme of events

Conway Hall Ethical Society

Another interesting programme of events

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