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Other Sea of Faith sites
The websites of other Sea of Faith groups
Don Cupitt
Sites relating to the work of Don Cupitt upon whose original work the organisation is based.
Fellow Travellers
Organisations with a similar outlook to SoF
Serious religious studies
Largely academic organisations that apply critical thinking to religious topics (ie, definitely not New Age).
Historical Jesus Studies
Orgainisations that are currently in the forefront of critical studies of the Jesus tradition.
Forms of religion not necessarily linked to institutions. What you might like to call "unorganised" religion as opposed to "organised" religion
Spiritual Practice
Organisations promoting prayer, meditation and retreats.
Liberal Churches
Churches and communities that sponsor radical theology and an inclusive sense membership. In other words–if you want superstition, authoritarianism, dogamatism, homophobia and sexism–these are not the places for you!
Interfaith and multifaith dialogue.
The various denominations and umbrella organisations of the traditional church.
The "British Humanist Association" and "South Place Ethical Society".
Religious Art
Since 1974, Greenbelt has brought people together to explore faith, arts and justice issues







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