Bishop of Birmingham's Group on Clergy Discipline (Doctrine)

As a 'national' church the Church of England has a duty to be concerned not only with its own members but to offer its traditions and spiritual resources in an inclusive way to all people. Its clergy have a particular charge to all souls. We believe that it is sometimes the radical and questioning clergy who have been most successful in working with those for whom faith is a continuing struggle or who see no sense in religion at all. Yet such clergy are the most vulnerable to disciplinary procedures. — Letter from 123 SoF members to the Clergy Discipline (Doctrine) Group, 22 April 2000

[Ed. note: the group submitted their report to the General Synod in 2004; it was narrowly rejected]

Briefing paper for church members of the SoF Network

Letter from 123 SoF members to the Working Group on Clergy Discipline (Doctrine)

General Synod and Heresy Trials

An essay by Simon Sarmiento on the C of E committee examining discipline related to doctrine, ritual and ceremonial matters.

News release on "Under Authority"

Discipline and Justice in the C of E by Gillian Evans

A detailed comment on the some of the problems addressed by Under Authority, for example on the violation of principles of natural justice implied when a Bishop plays a pastoral and judicial role in relationship to clergy in his diocese. The cases she includes as examples do not include cases of doctrine however.

The view of "Cost of Conscience" on Disciplining the clergy

Heresy trials for sceptic priests could split Church, Guardian, 13 July, 1999
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