Every good Christian ought to be more ready to give a good sense to the doubtful proposition of another than to condemn it — St Ignatius of Loyola

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The Canon Law homepage aima for a comprehensive bibliography.

Books which may be of interest

Gillian Evans, A Brief History of Heresy. Blackwell Press

Gillian Evans, Discipline and Justice in the Church of England. Gracewing, 1998.

Abdullah Saeed, Freedom of Religion, Apostasy and Islam

George Pepper, The Boston Heresy Case

Clayton Drees, Authority and Dissent in the English Church. [covers through the end of the reformation, not beyond]

John Henderson, The Construction of Orthodoxy and Heresy. [covers various religions]

George Shriver, A Dictionary of Heresy Trials in American Christianity, Greenwood Press, Connecticut, 1997. Shriver covers 50 cases of which 23 fall after 1900.

Mark Hill, ed. Faithful Discipleship: Clergy Discipline in Anglican and Roman Catholic Canon Law (Centre for Law and Religion, Cardiff Law School, 2001)

N. Doe (ed), Essays in Canon Law (Cardiff, 1992)

N. Doe, The Legal Framework of the Church of England (Oxford, 1996)

N. Doe, Canon Law in the Anglican Communion (Oxford, 1998)

M. Hill, Ecclesiastical Law (London, 1995)
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