Results of the Study

The Final Report

The final report was entitled Theological Diversity: Health or Heresy? and was written by Patti Whaley and was completed in 2003

Main body of report

Appendix one: terms of reference

Appendix two: brief list of recent cases

Appendix three: bibliography

Articles from the special issue of the SoF Magazine

Lead editorial by Patti Whaley

Right action and right doctrine, by Peter Philips

On Identity, by Don Cupitt

Death and Dissent, by Craig Dickson

Catholic Modernism by Michael Morton

Trials and tribulations, by Ronald Pearse

Discipline and Doctrinal Deviance, by Graham Shaw

Confessions of a Heretic, by Patti Whaley

Clergy Discipline, by Ian Stubbs

David Hart reviews A Brief History of Heresy, by Gillian Evans

Further papers commissioned by the study group

Doctrine and Diversity, by David Hart

Problems with Diversity - a Psychodynamic Perspective, by Michael Jacobs

The law of doctrinal discipline in the Church of England, by Norman Doe

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