All at Sea?

If the state of religion today seems to be 'all at sea', inviting the angry rejection of its claims as dangerous delusions, what could be better than to explore that vast sea in all its dangerous storms, its profound and mysterious depths and its serenity and beauty?

The Sea of Faith Network takes Matthew Arnold's image of the ebbing sea in his poem 'Dover Beach', but uses it in many different ways — exploring, daring to leave dry certainties behind, plumbing new depths

For Network members, all matters of religion are rooted in history, culture and language. None of them can validly claim divine authority. For many members of Sea of Faith this realisation goes hand-in-hand with a deep appreciation that religion is a tremendous human resource.

Sea of Faith, Science and the New Atheism

There is no such thing as God, because God is not a thing. Neither Science nor religion 'explains' reality, but each is a way of exploring it. Science and religion do not need to be enemies. Neither do theists and atheists.

Sea of Faith and the Arts

We do not claim a supernatural origin for Nature, but we find wonder in it. In the arts and the religions (often closely interlinked) we explore and express that wonder, we create new wonders, and we find meaning.

Sea of Faith and World Religions

Most religious believers tend to see the religions of others as human creations. Realising that our own is also a human creation can be an aid to genuine respect and understanding. We are beginning to explore this in more depth.

What is the Sea of Faith Network?

The Sea of Faith Network was started in 1987 in response to Don Cupitt's television series which charted the withdrawal of Christendom.

The Sea of Faith Network continues to explore the riches of human religious traditions without any reference to a supposed divine reality outside human experience.

The Sea of Faith Network offers:

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