Introductory books about the Sea of Faith

Published by Sea of Faith

A REASONABLE FAITH : INTRODUCING THE SEA OF FAITH NETWORK - a short introduction to the network by David Boulton published 1996.

TIME AND TIDE - SEA OF FAITH BEYOND THE MILLENIUM Specially commissioned essays at the turn of the 21st century by Don Cupitt, Karen Armstrong, Paul Davies, Richard Holloway, Lloyd Geering, Dan Cohn-Sherbok and members of Sea of Faith.

WILL THE REAL JESUS PLEASE STAND UP - compiled by David Boulton. A miscellany of extracts, with a lightness of touch, from writings about Jesus.

AGENDA FOR FAITH by Stephen Mitchell - a moving account of a way of understanding a non-realist approach to faith by a member of the Sea of Faith steering committee.

WHY BOTHER? Based on Tony Windross's The Thoughtful Guide to Faith (John Hunt (2004), these leaflets have been published by SoF to stimulate discussion. They are particularly useful for putting at the back of churches.

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Books by Don Cupitt

A number of books by or about Don Cupitt published outside the UK are available including: 'Odyssey on the Sea of Faith -- the life and writings of Don Cupitt' and 'Surfing on the Sea of Faith -- the ethics and religion of Don Cupitt' both by Nigel Leaves; and "Impossible Loves", "The great Questions of Life", The Way of Happiness" and "Life, Life" all by Don Cupitt.

Books by Network Members

"The Thoughtful Guide to Faith" by Tony Windross;

"Trading Faith" by David Hart; "God in the Bath" by Stephen Mitchell,"

"Evil inclination and other tales of the Unexpected" by Frank Walker St Andrew's Trust

The St Andrew's Trust

The St Andrew's Trust for the Study of Religion and Society publishes a number of booklets, many by Lloyd Geering, of interest to Sea of faith readers including Lloyd Geerring, In Praise of the Secular; Is Christianity Going anywhere? God in 20th Century New Zealand;, Fundamentalism; The Greening of Christianity; Who owns the Holy Land? Paradise on Earth; Relativity: The Key to Human Understanding; New Idols for Old; Crisis in the Christian Way; Creating the New Ethic; The World of Relation: An introduction to Martin Buber's "I and Thou"

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