S ofn Sea of Faith London Conference 2011

Lust for Certainty

Saturday 26 March 2011
at St John‘s Church, Waterloo
10.30am – 5.00pm

Mark Vernon

Mark Vernon

Mark Vernon is a prolific author, journalist, speaker and blogger (100 best blogs 2009, Sunday Times). His article ‘Uncertainty’s Promise’ was published in The Guardian 5th Feb 2011, his series ‘In Doubt We Trust’ begins 6th March on BBC Radio 4, and his new book ‘How To Be An Agnostic’ is published 4th March. He is helping organise ‘Uncertain Minds: what can an agnostic believe’, a current series at St Paul’s Cathedral. He is a Lecturer at ‘The School of Life’. With degrees in physics, theology and philosophy from Durham and Oxford, he completed his formal academic education with a PhD in philosophy from Warwick University

Mark Vernon‘s home page: http://www.markvernon.com/

While this conference is organised by the Sea of Faith it is not an exclusively Sea of Faith event. Speakers do not neccessarily endorse a Sea of Faith line on any subject and we attract attendance from a wide range of backgrounds to these events - both religious and non-religious.