Doing Theology Ourselves

'Doing Theology Ourselves' by Neil Darragh, Accent, 1995 (94 pp). Reviewed by Lloyd Geering, SOF NZ Newsletter #11, May 1995.

This is not a book expounding Christian doctrines, as most theologies have been, but a simple guide on how to do theology, written by a priest who teaches in both Auckland and Melbourne. He wants to bring theology out of the seminary class-room to become an activity involving everybody. He describes theology thus: "Theology is about God. It is about that which is most worth living or dying for. For practical purposes then, theology deals with those things which are most important in our lives".

Although the author is writing primarily for a Christian context and, to this end, has a chapter on "How to Read Scripture", much of the book can just as usefully apply to much broader discussion of religious and moral issues. In reading it one is reminded of Schleiermacher (1768-1834) who became the first modern theologian by making personal experience, rather than inherited church dogmas, the basis for theologising.



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