Sea of Faith 'Solarity' Learning Resources

('Solarity': derived from Don Cupitt's 'Solar living')

As a registered religious education charity, the 'Sea of Faith Network UK' has a keen interest in the teaching of Religous Education. This section of the website reflects the focus of one of our Trustees, David Francis, who has considerable experience in the RE sector.

The Network is a new member of the RE Council:

This link gives more detail Religious Education Council of England and Wales

The following links are useful learning resources:

The materials presented in this section of the Sea of Faith Network website are intended for use by secondary school teachers or youth group leaders wishing to run out-of school-hours religion and philosophy clubs.

Solarity: Sea of Faith's New Guidance for Leaders of Religion and Philosophy Clubs.

Another online resource for RE teachers, RE Online, can be found on the following link:

RE Online

Fellow travellers, the British Humanist Association, have developed the following online resource for RE teachers:

Humanism for Schools

As we find new online learning resources, we will add them to this list

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